Auckland Hydrology Situation Report

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Evaluation Unit

Welcome to the online Hydrology Situation Report, a monthly report summarizing hydrological conditions for the Auckland region. Please use the tabs below to view monthly rainfall totals, soil moisture status, river flow, and aquifer water level status. The map view allows zooming, and hovering over a site will show the site name and the latest value.

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Regional summary

How is this report generated?

Soil moisture and groundwater level status

Status designations are shown in this report for soil moisture and groundwater level. This is done by comparing the current level on the day of the report to the full historic record at each site for the same day of the year. This allows us to understand whether the current level falls within the normal range for this time of year or if it is outside the normal range.

River flow and MALF

River flows in this report are compared against the mean annual low flow (MALF). This statistic is based on the full historic record and can be considered as the lowest flow that can be expected in any given year. River flows below MALF are generally representative of dry conditions. Some regional planning and consenting rules use MALF or proportions of MALF to govern consented activities. Please see the Auckland Unitary Plan or your individual consent conditions for information on how river flow management may impact you.


This report contains provisional data and is intended for information purposes only.
For detailed questions concerning hydrometric data, please email